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Things to Do at Kudu Kaya

Bird Watching

A large variety of birds, including Knysna Loerie’s, can be observed on the farm and walking trails.

The picture below on the top right is a rare sighting of the Narina Trogon. It was spotted in December 2011 at campsite 9.

A short description of the Narina Trogon:

Narina Trogons are essentially large forest leaf-gleaners that feed mainly on invertebrates and to a lesser extent on small vertebrates. A high percentage of prey brought to nests are smooth-skinned caterpillars from the moth, and not from the butterfly family.

In southern African forests, it seems therefore that they are most dependent on moth fauna for prey.

Below are some photos of the birds that are encountered at Kudu Kaya.

The video on the right shows a guest’s experience at Kudu Kaya in 2019

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